Many of our patients travel regularly. Whether this is for work, tourism, or visiting family, a pre-travel consultation with one of our doctors is recommended. We suggest that this should be at least 6 weeks before departure.

Our doctors can advise on which medicines and vaccines are needed for your destination. We may advise having medicine in your travel bag to be used should you develop traveller’s diarrhoea or a similar acute problem. If you take regular medications for chronic medical conditions you should make sure that you take enough medication plus some extra in case of unforeseen circumstances.

The need for particular vaccines depends on a number of factors including travel area, duration of stay and previous vaccination history. Please bring your vaccination records with you to your appointment if available. We stock a variety of vaccines for almost all travel requirements. In addition, malaria prevention medications are available in the pharmacy for which a prescription is required. Please note that the yellow fever vaccination can only be administered at a government immunization center. Information regarding specific destinations can be found at