We provide an extensive range of immunizations for children and adults – routine, scheduled vaccines and travel vaccines.

You’ll need to schedule an appointment with a doctor for:

  • Any vaccination given to a child under 4 years.
  • The first vaccination in a series given to anyone age 4 or over (including adults)

After the first vaccination in a series has been administered, children age 4 and above and adults can attend for follow up vaccinations (to complete the series) without needing a doctor’s appointment.  These extra shots are given by our nurses.

Note that we are unable to give yellow fever vaccines, which are only available at a Japanese government immunization center .

Routine vaccines for children

The schedule for your home country will vary slightly from the routine vaccination schedule provided in Japan. If you regularly travel back to your home country or plan to relocate there in the next year, then you should consider immunizing your children to both local (Japanese) and overseas (home country) standards.

Information on immunizations for different countries can be found by following these links:

If you aren’t sure which schedule to follow or need advice on ensuring coverage for more than one country, then please schedule an appointment with one of our primary care doctors.

Routine vaccines for adults

We can advise on recommended adult immunizations based on your country of origin. We also recommend the United States Center for Disease Control (CDC) schedule for foreign nationals resident in Japan

Adult Schedule, by Vaccine and Age Group

Specifically, we recommend that:

  • Adults over 50 years receive Shingrix vaccine (2 doses) to prevent shingles.
  • Adults over 65 and younger adults with chronic medical problems receive pneumovax to prevent pneumococcal pneumonia.

Government Subsidized Vaccines

You may receive information from your local ward office regarding vaccinations which your child is entitled to receive for free. You don’t need to be part of the Japanese Health Insurance system to use these vouchers. We are happy to accept these vouchers, though they will not typically cover all of the vaccinations that you would receive if you were in your home country. Also, vouchers can’t be used for combination shots such as infanrix hexa which is standard in many countries.

Vouchers require you to complete a questionnaire prior to the administration of each vaccine. This is in Japanese, but a translation is usually included with the papers that you receive from your ward office. We kindly request that you complete all necessary forms prior to coming to the clinic in order for us to keep our appointments running as smoothly as possible.

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