Our team includes five full-time family practitioners (GPs) who are available to treat acute problems and who also provide preventative care for adults and children.


We offer wellness checks and routine childhood vaccinations for children from birth onwards. We have extensive experience in providing vaccination coverage for international families ensuring that children are immunized appropriately for their country of origin as well as for Japan. Please click here for a list of vaccinations available at our clinic. We also perform physical examinations for schools, colleges and sports (both internationally and in Japan).


We also offer comprehensive physical examinations (medical check ups) for adults. These are tailored to meet individual health needs, for example by screening for conditions that are more common in western populations and that may not be checked for routinely in the Japanese healthcare system. Communication is important for delivering the highest quality preventive health care. Prior to testing, your checkup will include an in-depth discussion with your doctor, who will explore your personal health needs based on your personal and family history, as well as your lifestyle and health goals.

Travel & Relocation

We offer a full range of travel health services catering to patients planning international travel for business or leisure and also for those planning to relocate to a new country. We can provide complete digital medical records at no charge when you leave Japan.

Women’s Health

We provide gynecology services including pap smears, body identical hormone replacement, breast examinations and contraception (including the morning after pill). Additionally, our obstetricians are available for pregnancy care.

Sexual Health

We can arrange screening STI (sexually transmitted infection) checks and also provide treatment when needed. As with any other medical concern, strictest confidentiality is always maintained.

Mental Health

Our primary care doctors are fully qualified to diagnose and treat many mental health problems and routinely manage issues including but not limited to anxiety disorders, depression, substance abuse and eating disorders. For more serious problems, we can arrange further care in Tokyo or assist with repatriation.


We maintain an extensive referral network and coordinate with a wide range of local hospitals to ensure that our patients get the care that they need at the most appropriate facility, with minimal delay. Should you require hospital admission or need a specialist opinion, we will share our expertise and arrange care for you with reputable English-speaking doctors.