TELEHEALTH / TELEMEDICINE is used to provide healthcare in a convenient, timely and efficient manner. It is especially useful during the current COVID-19 pandemic as it helps to reduce the risk of further spreading the infection. The Japanese government is now encouraging the use of telehealth. We are therefore offering remote consultations via telephone or video link (skype or facetime) to our patients. This service can be used by our existing patients as well as by new patients. Additionally, travellers who have been unable to leave Japan as planned and are running out of their regular medications may also use this service (see medication below).

Scheduling – remote consultations can be scheduled as usual, via our reception desk (03-3436-3028), for a specified time when you and your doctor are free.  Please make sure that you are free for your consultation from at least 10 minutes before until at least 20 minutes after the scheduled time.

Scope of appointments – While we are able to offer medical advice and guidance by remote consultation, some medical conditions cannot be adequately and safely treated without a physical examination and/or investigations (eg lab tests, x-rays or scans). Should your issue require an examination, you may need to schedule an additional appointment and then to attend the clinic and see your doctor in person.  Should you require investigations, your doctor may be able to arrange for them to be performed at our office in the days following your remote consultation, though this can’t be guaranteed in advance. Your doctor may also need to terminate a consultation if minimum standards for telehealth cannot be met. Examples of this include noise disruption, poor lighting, inadequate internet connectivity etc.

Medication – Should your condition be amenable to treatment without a physical examination, it may be possible for your doctor to prescribe medication on the basis of your remote consultation.  This can then be collected directly from our pharmacy and in certain circumstances it may be possible for medication to be dispatched to your home or office by courier (additional charges apply).  However, this can’t be guaranteed as suitability for remote prescribing will need to be determined by your doctor on a case-by-case basis.

Fees and Billing – Remote consultations will be charged at ¥15,400 (telehealth consultation with a general practitioner) or ¥16,500 (telehealth consultation with a specialist*). Once you have scheduled your consultation, we ask that payment is made in advance.  This can be done by credit card on our website or alternatively by bank transfer. Should you schedule a remote consultation and then cancel by 4pm on the day before the appointment, we will refund you in full. Cancellations must be made by telephone. We regret that we cannot offer refunds should you cancel or re-schedule on the day of your appointment.  Please also note that this charge does not cover the cost of any medications or investigations which may be needed following your remote consultation and also note that we are unable to accept Japanese national health insurance.

*service limited to our gastroenterologist and not currently available for other specialists