We are able to perform PCR tests for COVID19. This can be done for individuals who require certification for overseas travel or for patients with symptoms of respiratory infection. In either case please call reception to schedule an appointment, testing can typically then be performed at 16.30 on the same day. Results will usually be available 24 hours later.

Your initial appointment must be remote (telephone or video link) and not in person if you have been in contact with anyone known to have COVID19, have any respiratory symptoms / high temperature or are under a period of quarantine (having returned from overseas).

If you require testing for travel and are normally well with no respiratory symptoms, no fever and no contact with anyone known or suspected to have COVID19, then your initial appointment can either be remote or in person.


Appointment: 12,500 yen (certification/lab reports provided at no additional charge).
PCR test: 30,000 yen
(consumption tax not included)

We are also able to perform group testing for organizations within the Tokyo metropolitan area. Please inquire for availability and costs.

In order to minimize risk of contagion, testing is not performed within our office building.